Here at AI, we are often asked to consult on creating success in cosmeceutical retail and decided it was about time to share our wisdom pearls with the world!  After all, our mission is to help support the aesthetics industry by sharing knowledge and experiences.  There are often misconceptions when there is a decision made to sell cosmeceutical retail. Many clinics think that the products will grow feet and walk off the shelf, followed by a nice chunk of cash magically landing in the bank account!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that.   When you make the choice to devote your time and energy to delivering results in the aesthetics world, it doesn’t always leave a lot of time to master the art of selling retail.  Fear not my friend- I am going to share some tried and true secrets that can help you really maximize your retail efforts with a few small tweaks to what you already have!

Believe it or not, your retail display is a HUGE factor in your sales because it is what paints the picture to your clients, otherwise referred to in this post as consumer, (because when they leave your office after the appointment, that is exactly what they are), that business is thriving and well, and your retail recommendations can be trusted.  Think about it.  When you go to the grocery store and want to purchase your favorite yogurt, do you want to search for it in the midst of a random group of yogurt? What if it is locked behind a cabinet door? Do you want to ask the grocer to unlock it for you? What if it is way in the back and only one left.  Does this paint a picture of fresh, or a picture of sketch?  The same rules apply to your display.  You don’t want to make your consumers work extra hard to buy something from you.  You don’t want them leaving thinking they cannot trust your recommendations.  If it is clean, easy, and in line with what they are used to seeing in a sales setting, you will win their trust and ultimately, the sale.

Does your retail display need a facelift? It’s easy to start by making just a few tweaks that will increase your sales without requiring a hefty investment! Here is a quick 3-step checklist to make sure your retail display is up-to-par and working for you while you work for your patients.

1:  Number of Products

The number of products you keep on your shelves is important.  You want the display to look healthy and that business is moving.  A good rule of thumb is to have 3-6 of each product on display at all times.  This way you don’t have too much inventory, it doesn’t look cluttered, but it is enough product to show that you do mean business and you have committed to selling the best products. Bonus: Products should be out in the open for people to interact with, touch, feel, and try.  Having to ask someone behind the desk to open a locked cabinet to see a product is very intimidating, and will scare a lot of your consumers away from making a purchase.  

 2: Testers, Testers, Testers

I cannot stress this point enough: put your testers out! Your clients (consumers) will buy a product that they can feel, smell, and interact with.  Put them out there!  Don’t worry about theft.  The money you will make by having testers available will far offset what you may lose by someone snatching a tester.  Bonus: your product reps will likely provide you with complimentary testers.

3: Eye Level is Buy Level

Place the products that you want to sell the most of where people can see them.  These would likely be your higher valued, more efficacious products such as treatments serums or creams.  This is considered prime real estate in the retail world, so don’t dedicate it to cleansers or lip balms that are more easily sold at your cash wrap or even promoted as a gift with purchase (big purchase, of course).  Bonus: when it comes to decorating, try not to dedicate more than 20% of the space to décor or signage.  Let the products do the talking for you.   

We hope these tips help you increase your sales and reach your goals.  Stay tuned for more marketing and social media articles.  For complete business and marketing awesomeness, join our private Facebook group, Glowing + Growing in Aesthetics to network with like-minded aesthetic professionals.

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