Since we work in a service based industry, we all can relate that the number one attribute that makes the difference in our success is building trust with our clients.  Trust builds client loyalty and all of the rewards that come with it, including repeat visits, repeat purchases, and new client referrals.

Trust is typically built with providing good service and meeting/exceeding client expectations, but did you know that selling cosmeceuticals also builds trust?

There are three distinct opportunities to build trust in your practice with cosmeceuticals.

1.     Build trust by providing stellar recommendations.  Let’s face it: You are the professional. You know your client’s skin better than anyone else! Your recommendations are always going to be better than those coming from stores or beauty counters. 

2.     Build trust by providing opportunities through education.  Did you know that education leads to more sales than well-proven selling techniques? As we mentioned before, since you are the professional, your training and expertise are far more equipped to answer your client’s questions and help them reach their true treatment goals.  When you educate your clients how to use the right skin care through a regimen completely tailored to their specific goals and needs, trust comes naturally.

3.     Build trust by providing immediate solutions.  We all know that even the best skin care products take time to work, but the simple act of providing a recommendation on the spot of high-efficacy products fills the “instant gratification” gap that most of our clients have.

One thing about trust always remains true: trust gives you access.  Access provides opportunities for education and recommendations.  Education and good recommendations leads to increased sales for your practice!  Win-win… you benefit your practice by doing exactly what you love to do, which is best servicing your clients, and your practice grows along with it!

An additional benefit and takeaway is that you’re helping to meet the growing consumer demand from clients who want expert advice from a provider they trust.  They are increasingly ditching department store and pharmacy brands for professional product recommendations from their trusted providers in the aesthetic space.  In fact, the demand is growing so fast that the medically dispensed product segment of the professional market officially outpaced the rest of the professional skincare market in 2015 and is expected to remain that way for the years to come! This means huge growth for your practice by doing what you do best- making great recommendations with products you trust, and serving your very loyal patient base!

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