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How To Use IGTV For Your Medical Spa

How To Use IGTV For Your Medical Spa


Video is a great way to engage your audience. IGTV is the longer form video option on Instagram that we can describe as close to having your own YouTube channel, but attached to your Instagram name. You can use IGTV to be able to grow your brand awareness and foster a connection with your brand. One advantage as a brand is if you post onto IGTV, as of the time of recording this, as a newer feature, Instagram is giving it priority within the app by giving your followers notifications of a new IGTV post no matter where your posts fall on that user’s feed….so great for brand awareness.

Here at AI, we’re excited about IGTV for our clients. Our client’s followers can get a better look behind the scene and at the treatments they provide in addition to developing a deeper trust with the provider. For clinics looking to target more millennials, IGTV allows them to connect on a platform they are already spending so much time on.

YOUTUBE or IGTV: I still like YouTube to upload videos because you should think of YouTube as a search engine. It is where people are going to find answers to questions. So if you know you are getting a lot of the same questions over and over again in consultations, this is a great place to upload a video of that answer and use that as the title of your video because that is “searchable.” One advantage of being able to post your videos on Instagram though is many clients may have audiences built up on IG and not wanting to start again with building an audience on another platform. If they post on IGTV, their Instagram audience automatically has access to these videos so they have an instant audience who can view them. For clients fortunate enough to have built a YouTube audience already, IGTV is a great place to tease new video content to cross their Instagram audience over to YouTube.  

So now that you are thinking of using IGTV, need some help thinking of what to post on there? We like to break them down into three categories:

Behind-The-Scenes: Think of this style as being more like a documentary. You can let people in on VIP look of  what a day in your personal or business life looks like. This may be anything from taping a procedure you have consent on to a brand intro video. If you want it to be more personal, try shooting a “get ready with me” style video at home of what you are using on your skin on #SELFCARESUNDAY!


Tutorial: If there is anything your clients are searching for on YouTube, it is probably a tutorial of some sort. Your clients are already seeking information on things like how to apply eye cream or if a beauty tool you may sell like LightStim is right for them.


Commentary: This style of video is what we are recording right now! I could have done this as a podcast because it’s really just me going on and on about my ideas on IGTV, but doing it on video helps put a face to the brand. Your commentary could be anything relevant to your audience from “Top 5 questions you should ask your injector in a consultation” to commenting your views on a hot topic of the moment like Kyle coming out to say she dissolved her filler and what products can be dissolved with a video of what that looks like. Commentary videos can even be testimonial videos of your clients!


Number one rule is to not overthink things, so get a few ideas on paper and map out at least 12 you can use to drip out one video per month over the next year. And pro tip: be sure to add a cover/thumbnail to your IGTV video. I believe it’s 9:16 and you can make one in Canva from scratch or use a photo from the shoot with some text overlay and make it look GOOD!

These Quick Hacks Make Marketing Your Practice On Social Media Even Easier

Does this sound familiar? You’ve setup your Facebook business page, you’ve tweeted, you have yourself on a semi-schedule to “do it for the gram”, and you even snap to yourself, but all you are getting back in return is crickets? Don’t worry, you're not alone, but these hacks will get you back on track to building brand loyalty and relationships through social media.

#1: Ditch the code for the wi-fi: It is no secret Facebook is looking to take over the world, but they need small businesses to succeed to help make that goal happen so be sure to take advantage of this little hack. They can turn your business into a wi-fi hot spot for free so all people need to do to get online and do some work while waiting for a treatment is “check-in” to your practice or medical spa. We all know it feels good to have 10,000 fans on Facebook, but local love that can walk through the doors is priceless. When those people check-in to your spot on Facebook, all of their friends have access to seeing that as a story on their news feed which may draw a few more eyes to explore what services you offer or spark a few inquiries to their friend that result in a referral. After checking in, Facebook also gives people a prompt to like your page so you might even end up with a new fan!

**Read more about how to do this on Facebook's blog here.

#2: Get noticed while patients are catching up on their timeline: Be sure you are spreading the word about where you can be found on social media. You should have quality signage with clear calls to action about following you and what patients should be tagging their their photos with in your high traffic areas. We are in and out of a ton of offices, and while most will at least put a sign by check-out or in the waiting room, one often overlooked place is in the treatment rooms! More often than not, people are already mentally out of the door while they are at the checkout desk making their next appointment, but they might be scrolling around Facebook or Instagram while waiting in the patient room so give them a visual cue to remember to follow.

#3: Smiles are Instagram gold: Want to know why cat videos go viral on YouTube? People like things that make them smile and entertain them. Once people find you on social, don’t just bombard them with your promotions. Don’t forget part of the magic of social media is in entertainment and the ability to make someone smile. Don’t be afraid to post a photo of the surgeon making a silly face or even participating in some fun social media holidays because what the best business accounts do on social networks is incorporate bits and pieces of business as well as personal to leverage the full power of social media.

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