Summer is generally slower with many of accounts. Clients are away on vacation and many are enjoying beaches and other activities in the sun so they may postpone skin treatments like chemical peels and lasers until the fall. With that in mind, summer may be the perfect time to take some of the downtime to work on a new skill for yourself and put them to work implementing an updated strategy for your business. If you haven’t been building an email list, this summer may be a great time to start building it up as you start creating content to hit the floor running with for fall.

Are you on Instagram? Here’s a way to build up your list using a social media platform you already use and love!

1. Install the Facebook Pixel on your website if it's not already there. 

2. Create a custom audience of the people who already subscribed to your email list. 

3. Use Facebook to create a custom audience of people who have interacted with your IG content in X amount of days. 

4. Record a video for an IG Stories ad and target your custom audience of who has interacted with your IG content, but EXCLUDE those on your custom audience of email list subscribers. 

5. Use a CTA ( Call to action) asking people to swipe up to join and have your emails set to a drip campaign welcoming them so they are engaged before your next newsletter. 

6. Get on Instagram and DM us @AestheticInfluencer and let us know you just tried this!