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Year Of The Bot

The improvements to the Instagram platform are never ending these days and almost hard for us to even keep up with. While Instagram may have shut down bot services like Instagress, there is another whisper of bot that we have been paying attention to, Messenger bots. We will say it once, twice, and you will hear us say it again: You will not be able to have a marketing strategy that ignores Facebook. Facebook’s trio of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps all hit the 2016 list of most popular apps on mobile. The more they can get users to stay on their platforms, the more ad space they can sell. The more they can get those three apps to complement each other, the more they can sell businesses on the fact that they need to be there too.

While we are still evaluating it ourselves, Marketing Land sites some marketers as looking at messenger as a new alternative to email marketing. While we still believe in the value of growing your own email list outside of social media followers, the launch of Instagram placement for click to messenger ads can allow you as a business to start an immediate conversation with your customer.

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