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Possessing a thorough knowledge of the cosmeceutical products you sell is a no-brainer. After all, how could you expect to truly get a client to buy into your at-home care plan or regimen if you don’t demonstrate that you’re an expert in what you offer?

However, that’s not to say it’s up to you to be doing all the legwork when it comes to rounding out your product knowledge. Between managing an office, helping provide treatments, and a host of other tasks you may be responsible for, it helps to know you’ve got a great cosmeceuticals rep you can count on. Here are the top four things you should receive from your rep that you’ll want to make sure you leverage to make the most of their expertise and your time:

1) Education

To know every single thing about every product you carry would be wonderful, but to do your research, gather all the information, and know how to present it to both your team and your clients can be quite the undertaking.  And that’s exactly why product reps exist. They know everything there is to know about the product they’re selling, and their knowledge is also there for you to rely on.

Whether it’s providing a lunch and learn for your staff so they can ask questions and learn the proper applications and contraindications, or it’s getting a complete one-on-one debrief and demonstration on the product without having to spend hours scrolling through and reading online materials, your product rep’s education is there for your disposal.

Work with them to find the best way to learn about the product so that you and your team are well-equipped to handle educating your own clients adequately and efficiently.

2) Marketing Materials

While it’s your job to market your retail through educating your clients, it’s not your job to figure out the other marketing components.

However, that is your product rep’s job.

In addition to providing a plethora of information about the product, cosmeceutical reps should have a marketing toolkit they can pull from to provide you with the proper materials you’ll need to promote your products in a way that’s visually appealing and aligned with your brand’s messaging.

Whether it’s brochures, information sheets, social media and newsletter graphics, or product images you can use on your website or create your own brand’s marketing collateral, product reps will be able to give you the marketing foundation for that products’ sales success.

3) Testers

If you think of sales as a one-two punch process, testers are the “one.”  When it comes to cosmeceutical products, testers are your chance to give your client the “try before you buy” experience without having to wait for their next visit to close the sale.

Most buyers simply want to get a glimpse of the look and feel of what they’re considering before pulling the trigger on their purchase. This is why we try on clothes in dressing rooms, get to take cars for a test drive, and get a free class pass at fitness clubs.

With testers, your product rep is giving you the opportunity to demonstrate, educate and give your client the hands-on experience they need to make their buying decision.

4) Samples

Back to our analogy, samples are the “two” of your one-two punch and can be used strategically for a couple of reasons:

1 - To give your prospective client more time to try out the product. This approach is best used when you’ve demonstrated the product with your tester, but your client is still on the fence. You’ll just need to make sure you put your follow-up process in place to close the sale at a later date.

2 - You’ve successfully sold a product (or products) and want to prime your client for a future product sale by gifting them a sample. Again, your follow-up process should be in place for all the products you’ve sold to ensure your client is enjoying them, seeing results, and has all their questions answered, but you’ll also want to ask about any samples you provide as well.

In essence, samples are another element of the marketing toolkit that your cosmeceutical rep possesses and that you’ll want to leverage to lead to your sales success. And, as with everything, knowledge is power, so now that you know what you need, don’t be afraid to ask!

Your cosmeceutical product rep should be providing all these elements upfront, but if not, that’s what they’re there to help you with to reach and exceed your sales goals.

It’s time to take the reins on your retail, let your rep help you get a handle on it!

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